About me

I’m Meaghan, a product designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Known for my curiosity, tenacity and ability to creatively problem solve on the fly, I excel at cross-functionally driving product visions that excite shareholders and delight customers.

I believe in approaching design problems from a human-centered mindset and strive to build empathy, understanding, and better decision making through data and research informed storytelling. I'm delighted to continue creating memorable experiences that provide authentic value to real people.

When I'm not designing, you can usually find me hanging with my cat Winston, biking around the borough, dabbling in music production, cooking/eating/thinking about food or spending time with my friends & family.


"Meaghan brings an amazing perspective and skillset to the team. She’s able to walk the fine line of making things that are both functional and visually appealing with ease. Her efforts are reflected all across the company, from the new search experience, to the new marketing site, to the incoming debit card. She’s had a ton on her plate since day 1, but she has never backed down from the challenge and the company is better today because of that! Not only is she an amazing designer, but her contributions to the company culture give me even more reasons to love working at Jobble."
-Chris Glew, VP Product, Jobble

”Meaghan's design skills are truly extraordinary, especially in creating user-centric experiences. She has an innate talent for understanding user needs, resulting in designs that consistently impress and delight. Working alongside Meaghan was an absolute joy and her guidance and positive attitude inspired growth both professionally and creatively. If your organization seeks an accomplished UX Design professional with a strategic mindset and a remarkable track record of success, I genuinely recommend Meaghan. Her dedication, expertise, and exceptional interpersonal skills make her an asset to any team.”
-Mabel Ortega, UX Designer, Jobble

"Meaghan brings innovative and fresh ideas to the table every time she's involved in a project. Her cool, calm and casual intelligence and experience gives her a unique grace -- there's no one else quite like her! We're lucky to work with someone who is dedicated to gathering data and feelings to help us shape the future of work."
-Nick D'Ascensao, VP Sales, Jobble

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