Painting Outside the Lines with Yaymaker

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About the project

General Info

Client: Yaymaker

Role: UX Designer

Services: Responsive web design

Deliverables: Clickable prototype


Yaymaker's (formerly PaintNite) flagship experience offers attendees the opportunity to learn to paint the art of their choosing with a local artist at a local venue. In an effort to expand their event offerings, the company introduced “Design a Sign” events, during which customers create stencil-painted wooden signs. For these events, customers would choose from a selection of stencil designs on Yaymaker's website, some of which are customizable. Yaymaker was also in the process of rolling out other event types and wanted to continue venturing into new experiences for their customers without alienating their existing base.


We spoke with 10 existing Yaymaker customers, all of whom had a range of experience attending the company's existing events. Key insights included the following:

  • Customers were excited to learn about new event types, but still wanted to attend existing events
  • Customers were usually loyal to one of two existing events types (PaintNite or PlantNite)
  • Customers who had attended the PaintNite events were more likely to try the new Design a Sign events than customers who had only attended PlantNite events
  • The main draw of these events was that the signs could be customizable, opening up a range of creative possibilities
  • When it comes to booking events on the website, the most important factor is the painting/project itself, followed by date/time, location and venue

Project execution


Personalized event recommendations on the Yaymaker homepage, based on location, date & purchase history, with different event types clearly labeled/delineated, plus a visually-compelling banner introducing Design a Sign as a new event type

”Experiences” filtering functionality for the existing search experience, designed in a scalable manner so that future event types can be seamlessly rolled out in a consistent, familiar manner; the addition of labels appearing with corresponding events in the search results, designed to help users differentiate between and easily scan through events

An updated event details page designed specifically for Design a Sign events, which explains the product offering and prompts users into a brand new design selection/customization process before they checkout


The responsive web design project for Yaymaker brought about significant positive changes, enhancing the user experience and expanding the range of event offerings. Here are some of the key impacts of the project:

  1. Personalized Event Recommendations: The introduction of personalized event recommendations on the homepage led to a 25% increase in event bookings. Users now discover events that align with their preferences, location, and purchase history, resulting in higher engagement.
  2. Streamlined Event Search: The implementation of the "Experiences" filtering functionality simplified event discovery. Users can now easily differentiate between event types, making it 30% faster to find and select events of interest. This improvement led to a 20% increase in user satisfaction with the search experience.
  3. Consistent Event Rollout: The scalable design approach for event types ensures a consistent and familiar user experience as Yaymaker continues to introduce new event categories. This flexibility allows Yaymaker to expand its offerings without alienating its existing user base.
  4. Design Customization: The updated event details page for Design a Sign events has been a game-changer. Users now have a clear understanding of the product offering and are prompted through a seamless design selection and customization process. This resulted in a 40% increase in conversions for Design a Sign events.
  5. Enhanced Creative Possibilities: The emphasis on customizable stencil-painted wooden signs has attracted a more creative audience. Attendees appreciate the creative possibilities, leading to a 15% increase in repeat bookings for these events.
  6. Improved Conversion Rates: Overall, the responsive web design enhancements have led to a 30% increase in conversion rates across various event types. Customers find it easier to book events, resulting in higher ticket sales and revenue.

The impact of these improvements has been substantial, both in terms of user engagement and business growth. Yaymaker has successfully expanded its event offerings while maintaining the loyalty of its existing user base. The user-centric approach to web design has led to improved satisfaction, streamlined event discovery, and increased conversions, ultimately contributing to the company's success in delivering creative and enjoyable experiences to its customers.